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根据下面的信息,从实际的测试情况看来,AC3、Dolby TrueHD、DTS这几种高清音频是可以源码输出到功放,而DD+、DTS-HD-MA、DTS-HD-HRA始终没有成功输出,至今遗憾!

set_outports does not support HD audio. It does not even support

HDMI, really. The only audio barely supported by set_outports

is 2 channel PCM over SPDIF with a pre-set sample frequency.

To run test_rmfp with HD audio, you can use the example_fileplayer

test app from rmdisplay (RUA 3.7 and above):

# AC3:

./example_fileplayer -c ac3 -afreq 48000

/media/STD100N/BDMV/STREAM/00021.m2ts -o hdmi -spdif c -tsskip 4

# DTS:

./example_fileplayer -c dts -apid 0x1100 -afreq 48000

/media/STD100N/BDMV/STREAM/00025.m2ts -o hdmi -spdif c -tsskip 4

# DD+:

./example_fileplayer -c ac3 -afreq 192000

/media/STD100N/BDMV/STREAM/00020.m2ts -o hdmi -hdmi_lines 1 -hdmi_pass

-tsskip 4

./example_fileplayer -c ac3 -afreq 192000

/media/STD100N/BDMV/STREAM/00021.m2ts -o hdmi -hdmi_lines 1 -hdmi_pass

-tsskip 4


./example_fileplayer -c dts -apid 0x1100 -afreq 192000

/media/STD100N/BDMV/STREAM/00025.m2ts -o hdmi -hdmi_lines 1 -hdmi_pass

-tsskip 4

# TrueHD:

./example_fileplayer -c dvda -x 8 -lossless -audiotspriority 2 -afreq

192000 /media/STD100N/BDMV/STREAM/00022.m2ts -o hdmi -hdmi_lines 4

-hdmi_pass -tsskip 4 -hdmi_hbr -chan LCRLsRsLssRss -lfe

./example_fileplayer -c dvda -x 8 -lossless -audiotspriority 2 -afreq

192000 /media/STD100N/BDMV/STREAM/00024.m2ts -o hdmi -hdmi_lines 4

-hdmi_pass -tsskip 4 -hdmi_hbr -chan LCRLsRsLssRss -lfe

# DTS-HD MA (DTS lossless)

./example_fileplayer -c dts -chan LCRLsRsLssRss -lfe -apid 0x1100 -afreq

192000 /media/STD100N/BDMV/STREAM/00028.m2ts -o hdmi -hdmi_lines 4

-hdmi_pass -tsskip 4 -hdmi_hbr

# 8 channel PCM

./example_fileplayer -c ac3 -afreq 48000

/media/STD100N/BDMV/STREAM/00021.m2ts -o hdmi -spdif n -chan

LCRLsRsLssRss -lfe -tsskip 4

./example_fileplayer -c dvda -x 8 -lossless -audiotspriority 2 -tsskip 4

-afreq 192000 /media/STD100N/BDMV/STREAM/00022.m2ts -o hdmi -spdif n

-chan LCRLsRsLssRss -lfe

# 6 channel PCM

./example_fileplayer -c dts -chan LCRLsRs -lfe -tsskip 4 -apid 0x1100

-afreq 192000 /media/STD100N/BDMV/STREAM/00028.m2ts -o hdmi -spdif n

The application is in set_rua_test, in the rmdisplay/test directory.

It sets up the HDMI output, then you have to press 'p'

and it calls test_rmfp in a second thread, while performing

HDMI updates based on the played content in the first thread.

It does not have a non-interactive mode. This is on purpose.


We never decode TrueHD in AC3 mode.

When you specify AudioDecoder_Codec_AC3, we will try to decode the AC3 track comes with the TrueHD track.

But as I mentioned in previous email, NOT all TrueHD track has built-in AC3 track, if it hasn??t, there will be no audio out.

For the hardware capability, SMP865x has enough DSP power to do TrudHD 7.1 and DTS-HD MA 7.1 decoding.


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